Management Team

Victor Peng, President and CEO

President and
Chief Executive Officer

Brice Hill, EVP and CFO

Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Liam Madden, EVP and GM, Wired and Wireless Group

久久爱www免费人成Executive Vice President and General Manager, Wired and Wireless Group

Salil Raje, EVP and GM, Data Center Group

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Data Center Group

Vincent L. Tong, EVP, Global Operations and Quality

Executive Vice President,
久久爱www免费人成 Global Operations and Quality

Ivo Bolsens, SVP and CTO

Senior Vice President and
Chief Technology Officer

Vamsi Boppana, SVP, Central Products Group

Senior Vice President,
Central Products Group

Catia Hagopian, SVP and General Counsel

Senior Vice President and
久久爱www免费人成 General Counsel

Mini Khroad

Senior Vice President and
Chief People Officer

Mark Wadlington, SVP, Core Markets Group

Senior Vice President,
Core Markets Group

Andee Nieto, Corporate VP and Chief of Staff

Corporate Vice President and
久久爱www免费人成 Chief of Staff