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A select group of authorized Value Added Resellers and OEMs are ready to integrate the Alveo platform into solutions for key data center workloads such as AI inference, video transcoding, and database search and data analytics.


Dell EMC

Dell empowers countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. Customers trust us to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school or anywhere in their world. Learn more about our story, purpose and people behind our customer-centric approach.



E4 Computer Engineering SpA

Since 2002, E4 has been innovating and actively encouraging the adoption of new computing and storage technologies. With a comprehensive range of hardware, software and services, we are able to offer you solutions for the most demanding workloads on: HPC, Big-Data, AI, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing and much more. We take an agnostic approach towards the many technologies available on the market. This allows us to devise and offer the best solution tailored to customer needs.

Phone: (39) 0522 991811




久久爱www免费人成Fixstars is a software company that will “Speed up your Business”. Through its software parallelization / optimization expertise, its highly effective use of multi-core processors, and application acceleration for the next generation of memory technology that delivers high speed IO as well as power savings, Fixstars provides “Green IT,” while accelerating customers’ business in various fields.

Fixstars is located in Tokyo, Japan. Fixstars Solution, Subseries Company is in CA USA. Its customers are Boeing Commercial and Defense, Lockheed Martin, United States Air Force, Army, and Navy, Argonne National Lab, Toshiba, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, and Mizuho Securities.

Phone: (81) 3-6420-0751



Founded in 2013, Makus Systems is a Korean local value-added supplier of Storage product and SI solutions.

Founded in 1998, Libertron has focused on FPGA based high performance embedded system design during past 20 years, accumulating numerous development experiences in various fields like embedded machine vision, high speed interface and networking, test and measurement, and FPGA based deep learning etc.

Currently we are working on HPC solution integrating FPGA based accelerator for big data acquisition and analytics, cloud and AI applications, adaptive high performance networking, smart machine vision and learning, smart factory and so on.

As a Xilinx's VAR and Certified Design Service Alliance Member, and Authorized Training Provider(ATP), Libertron will continuously provide various leading edge solutions and products to our clients, including industry, research institutes and academia.

Phone: (82) 2-3486-5278




Since 1982, Microway has delivered high performance computing solutions. We have in-depth experience with demanding Linux-based scientific/engineering applications. Our team will design a Xilinx Alveo-based workstation, server or cluster solution for your specific applications or workload. Our experts ensure your system is delivered fully tested and ready to run!

Phone: (508) 746-7341



SK Networks Service

SK networks service, an ICT company affiliated to SK Group, is leading the ICT Industry through expertise in nationwide network operation and ICT device maintain business.

We, IT Solution Division provide state-of-art IT service including IT Infra, Network Integration, Customer Device, Data Management, Cloud*IoT Solution, and AI Infra to various industries such as telecommunications, portals, finance, retail, pharmaceuticals, construction, education & public institutions.

With the most innovative IT solution for customers and a broad network of 350 partners, we are growing into the next generation of Business Solution Providers.

Phone久久爱www免费人成: (82) 70-4755-9136



Boston Limited

Boston Limited has been providing cutting edge technology since 1992 using Supermicro® building blocks. Our high performance, mission-critical server and storage solutions can be tailored for each specific client, helping you to create your ideal solution. From the initial specification, solution design and even full custom branding – we can help you solve your toughest business challenges simply and effectively.

Phone Number: +44 (0) 1727 876 100



EMET Computing

久久爱www免费人成EMET Computing is a full-service solution provider specializing in Data-Center, Cloud and Information Technologies.  EMET leads the market with innovative and state-of-the-art technologies covered by class-leading consultancy, deployment and maintenance services. With our carefully chosen technology partners, we enable our customer to enhance their digital effectiveness from innovation to production

Phone:久久爱www免费人成 (972) 3 5766 999



GDEP Advance Inc.

GDEP Advance Inc., a total solutions provider, offers state-of-the-art development environments intended primarily for research and development. It provides comprehensive solutions covering on-premise hardware, cloud services and various tools dedicated to HPC, deep learning and previsualization. As a value-added reseller (VAR) for XILINX Inc., GDEP Advance Inc. is committed to selling variously layered FPGA-mounted products equipped with Alveo accelerator cards to its customers.

Phone: (81) 3-6803-0620



Makus Systems

Founded in 2013, Makus Systems is a Korean local value-added supplier of Storage product and SI solutions.

We provide services in System Integration for Server, Storage and Management platform

providing Enterprise customers, Financial partners, Telco carriers, Public & Government-related customers and Talented retailers in Korea.

Delivering total Xilinx Alveo solutions on reliable and customized platform and built to meet customer specific needs.

Phone: (82) 2-3490-9500



Founded in 1996, Redapt, Inc. is a national system integrator and technology engineering services company with global delivery capabilities. As a recognized leader in accelerating the effective utilization of emerging technologies, our IT consultants, engineers, and developers are trusted advisors that ideate, build, and operate solutions that solve our customers toughest challenges. We help clients accelerate adoption and time to value of cloud, AI and machine learning, IoT and continuous integration and continuous delivery methodology. We are proud to claim many high‐profile tech industry unicorns and Fortune 1000 enterprises as customers.

Phone: (425) 882-0400



VVDN Technologies

久久爱www免费人成VVDN Technologies, a leading ODM and technology innovation company is a Value-added reseller of Xilinx for Alveo™ Accelerator Cards. VVDN Technologies with Xilinx Alveo offers a broad spectrum of high performance computing solutions which is fully customizable to meet specific needs of our customer. Our technical expertise can help validate and benchmark customer’s solution effectively. We invest time to understand each of our customers and work closely with them to provide the right solution for accelerated applications which can help grow their business.

Phone: (91) 124-4284250


Colfax International

久久爱www免费人成Colfax International is a leading provider of innovative and expertly engineered workstations, servers, clusters, storage, and personal supercomputing solutions. Colfax International offers a broad spectrum of high performance computing solutions, all of them completely customizable to meet your needs. Colfax solutions with Xilinx Alveo deliver significant price/performance advantages, and increased IT agility, which accelerates your business and research outcomes. Colfax International's customer base includes Fortune 1000 companies, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Phone: (408) 730-2275



Exxact Corp

Founded in 1992, Exxact Corporation is a global, value-added supplier of computing products and solutions. We provide services in system integration for HPC, Big Data, Cloud, and AV applications and markets, while servicing many of world’s top national labs, research universities, online retailers, and Fortune 100 & 1000 companies. Each of our Xilinx Alveo solutions is fully customizable and precisely built to meet the unique and specific needs of our customers.

Phone: (510) 226-7366



Groupware Technology

As a leading IT solutions provider since 1992, Groupware Technology specializes in data center infrastructure and cloud computing solutions, rack integration services and first call support. We understand that IT is an integral component of our customers’ enduring success. “We answer the call” is our mission and brand promise and drives every aspect of our business. We achieve our promise by delivering positive outcomes for our clients through excellent customer service, technology and teamwork. We strive to solve their business problems with solutions that reduce costs and complexity, increase flexibility and improve performance and competitiveness.

Phone: (877) 498-3246




久久爱www免费人成Meadowgate Technologies is an SBA certified HUBZone, Woman Owned Small Business specializing in Information Technology solutions for the Federal Government. We are an experienced reseller of hardware/software/networking products, supply-chain management, electronic catalog/on-line store, and integration and enterprise solutions. Our range of services covers the entire Information Technology life cycle.

Phone: (609) 916-0188




久久爱www免费人成Founded in 2003, Semptian is a leading solution and service provider in big data acquisition and analysis, FPGA accelerator card and application acceleration. Over 15 years, Semptian has been focusing on real-time line rate network traffic acquisition, accelerator card products and solutions, providing server manufacturers, telecom operators, governments, internet companies, education and research institutes best products and services.

Phone:久久爱www免费人成 (86) 075586656075



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